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MAHA KUNDALINI TANTRA as taught by Daniël Yuno, is a powerful, practical and efficient form of Tantra that aims to fully awaken the latent power of the Kundalini in the human body and achieve universal awareness.

Learn some efficient and powerful techniques of awakening the Kundalini energy and experience their influence on your body, emotions and thoughts.

Exercise sexual-energy detachment-techniques and practice the transformation of lower chakra´s energy into higher chakra´s energy of Meditation, Mindfulness and Awareness.

The 5-day workshop schedule consists of daily morning, noon & evening sessions, light breakfast and lunch. The lessons will be teached in English.

Maha Kundalini Tantra is a methodical, didactic and structural technique. It deals with the generation of the Kundalini , the seven stages of Kundalini awakening and the union with the universal energy trough the Sahasrara chakra, on the crown of the head. This unique form of Tantra consciously uses the combined mental, emotional and physical energy of participants in a group formations.

Maha Kundalini Tantra pays specific attention to the spine, the endocrine system and the chakra system. The tantric exercises work directly on both the glands and nervous systems as well as on the chakra´s of the practitioner. As a result, the effect of the exercises is immediately felt and is recorded as an impressing experience; this is in contrast to dry theoretical material which is often quickly forgotten.

Maha Kundalini Tantra is practiced by using various techniques and means such as pranayama (breathing techniques), (group) asana´s, bandha´s, Maha chakra (manipulation of the chakras), Kriya yoga, Kamamudra, visualization and concentration.

The Tantra’s demonstrate the deep relationship of all phenomena or forms of existence. The unity of micro- and macrocosm, of mind and universe, of individuality and universality, the world of matter and the world of energy.

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About the teacher

Daniel Yuno (born in Israel) is a tantric teacher and the founder of the tantric flow Maha Kundalini Tantra. In addition to Maha Kundalini Tantra, Daniel teaches meditation, Universal Awareness and Tantric relationship models

Tao’s Center, Paros, Greece.
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From € 795,- p.p. (workshop, 2 meals p. day and accommodation) exclude flights and local transportation.

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